Fulton Systems is North America’s leader in Thermocompressor and Steam System design and installation.  With a history nearly one hundred years long, our references are far and wide.  We have thousands of Thermocompressor installation references and have done hundreds of paper machine steam system rebuilds.  From small machines to the largest, our expertise has an unmatched track record of improving drying efficiency while reducing steam and maintenance costs.

The history of Fulton Systems, Inc.


100th Anniversary

1924Fulton Systems Engineering

1927Midwest Fulton Systems

1954Ross Midwest Fulton Systems Division of Midland Ross

1957Ross Pulp & Paper

1984Hercules Steam Systems

1991Fulton Systems, Inc.

2002Fulton Systems, Inc. AcquiresTSG Steam Group


What was to become the Fulton Systems of today started in the early 1920’s in Chillicothe, Ohio.  The industry had a need for a better understanding, better equipment and superior operations of paper mill steam drying systems.  The early founders recognized these needs and made them their goals.  Through the years, mergers and acquisitions evolved Fulton Systems into what it is today…the recognized leader in steam system design.

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Mission & Vision

Fulton Systems is driven by the needs of the industry–flawless performance, highest drying efficiency, low maintenance and trouble-free operation.  This is paramount in every Fulton Systems project, from the simplest Flow Indicator replacement to the largest dryer sections on the largest machines in the industry.

Our vision is to recognize that improvements never cease. Hence, we have our own research program focused on the continuous improvement of current technology plus a drive to constantly seek and incorporate new technologies.

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