Steam & Condensate System Design

With over 80 years of paper industry experience, we offer intergrated systems using equipment specifically designed for paper mill needs.

System Design

Our systems may include:

  • Dryer Section Performance Audits that can qualify and quantify the opportunity for improvement. This service can be included as a part of a system or the cost for this service can be offset with subsequent investments.
  • Dryer Drainage packages consisting of siphons, rotary joints, flexible hoses and sight flow indicators. Installation services also available for dryer drainage equipment.
  • A rebuild or conversion of a single cascade or recirculating dryer group or all groups in the dryer section.
  • Complete dryer section steam and condensate systems for new or upgraded machines.
  • Coordinated supply of steam and condensate systems and air systems.

Fulton Systems integrated equipment:
  • Thermcompressors
  • Condensers
  • Desuperheaters
  • Vacuum Receiver Modules
  • Separator Modules
  • Collection Modules
  • Controllers, Transmitters and Control Valves
Our systems are individually designed for single dryer sections or complete machine rebuilds.

Fulton Systems offers start-up services for our systems and products.