Condensate Modules

Download Separator Modules Brochure

Dryer sections require a variety of specialty tanks for use as receivers, separators and salvagers of steam and condensate flows. When these tanks are integrated with the controls and evacuation equipment, they are called modules.

Typical Configurations:
The separation of the two-phase flow of steam and condensate that is discharged from the dryer cylinder. Whether the salvaged steam is being cascaded to another dryer section or recirculated to the same section, good steam-condensate separation is required.

The collection of condensate from multiple pressure sources and capture of the flash steam that is created. Additionally, the condensate can be pumped to the boiler at the pressure required by the deaerator.

The collection of condensate and air that is being discharged under vacuum conditions by a heat exchanger. These modules allow the condensate to be pumped to the collection tank and purge air.