Fulton Thermocompressors

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A device utilizing high pressure steam to entrain steam at lower pressures and discharge the mixture at intermediate pressure. The basic thermocompressor consists of a body, diffuser, nozzle, spindle and controlled diaphragm actuator. Designed to operate above atmosphereic pressures.

With over 2500 Fulton Thermocompressors in the industry, we are the leader in using Thermocompressors in dryer sections.

Recirculating Dryer Sections
Thermocompressors recompress blow through steam for re-use.  This arrangement permits each dryer group to be operated independently.  Higher steam pressures resulting in more drying capacity, energy conservation, and greater operating flexibility are some of the benefits of recirculating Thermocompressors.

Boosting Steam Pressures
By recompression of low pressure steam to a higher pressure using a Thermocompressor.  This application is beneficial for situations where there is an abundance of low pressure steam and a shortage of higher pressure steam.

Yankee Blow through Steam
Can be as much as 50% of the steam supplied to the Yankee.  A recirculating Thermocompressor recompresses the blow through steam for re-use in the Yankee.

Fulton Thermocompressor

Typical Thermocompressor Control Loop